+ What's the Tycoon Token price?

The tycoon tokens will be available for $0.10.

+ How many Tycoon tokens will be available for sale via the shop?

There will be a max.supply of 84 000 000 available for sale.

+ What Payment methods will be accepted?

We accept payments in the following forms:
-Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash
The payment doesn’t have to occur through a Coinbase account. The transaction can be carried out through an existing wallet. You can create a wallet on coinbase via (Ref-link) or on binance (ref-link).

+ Will there be a referral program for the Tycoon Shop?

The last day of our referral program was 28th February.

There won’t be any newer referral program until the end of our crowdsale. (31st March 2021).

+ Will the tokens, which are sold via the shop, be blocked?

The tokens bought during crowdsale are not blocked and are directly available after platform launch and the first listing. (for more information check out Page 19 under Section 5.2.2 Successful crowdsale participation)

+ Will there be a limit on how many people you can refer via the referral program?

The referral program will have no limits. For every successful purchase made through your ref-link, you will receive a 15% commission in form Bonus Tycoon Token.

+ How can I utilize the Tycoon Token?

The tokens can be utilized to pay fees on the Tycoon platform and safe 25% on any payment. After listing on an exchange, the tokens will be tradeable.

+ Do I need to go through KYC if I want to buy the tokens?

The KYC process will have to be completed when using the Tycoon platform or requesting a withdrawal of the token. The KYC will be possible through the Tycoon platform and will be live 24/7.

+ What is the current bonus on the purchase?

Every Purchase will be rewarded with a 10% bonus in form of Tycoon tokens. If the user registers with a Referral Link he will receive a 15% bonus in form of Tycoon Tokens.

+ What should I do if there has been an over-/underpayment?

In the rare case of an over-/underpayment, contact tycoon support immediately so we can resolve the issue. Contact us via e mail: [email protected] .

+ How long does it take to get my Tokens after I paid them?

You will receive an automatic email from us as soon as your transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain. Sometimes this can take some hours depending on which wallet you sent it from. If you don’t get any confirmation after 24 hours pls contact our support.

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