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Unique copytrading technology

Followers are able to copy trading strategies from professional traders without entrusting their funds to any third-party institutions.

Classified traders

Traders are classified according to various characteristics and can be sorted by the follower in any way desired.

Individual Stop-Loss

Set an individual Stop-Loss for any trader you are following.

Traders benefits

Successful traders profit from their followers added funds without having to manage it themselves.

No additional effort for Traders

After connecting to Tycoon once, Traders only need to trade like they did before.
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Privacy protection

All users have the option to work with an alias to protect their privacy.
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Token with inner value

The demand for the Tycoon Token will increase as the platform grows in popularity, as the Tycoon token offers users a significant discount on any fees.

Significant growth potential

The low circulating supply and an extremely fast growing community will support the organic increase of the Tycoon tokens value.

This is TYCOON

Worldwide unique copytrading technology developed by Tycoon

Tycoon is the first Social Trading Platform which works with already existing exchanges like binance and more. You can monitor the success of any connected trader and copy their trading strategy automatically to your portfolio in real-time.

Your investment is never stored on the Tycoon platform

Secured API connection in real time

Manage your own investment at preferred exchanges

The platform is developed with the highest security standards

Next generation of cryptocurrency trading

The last 2 years we were busy developing this technology to solve the biggest issue in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

We are very proud to be able to launch the Tycoon platform to all of you and build the biggest community in this space.

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Tycoon Token

The Tycoon Token serves as a form of payment on the Tycoon platform just as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Using the Tycoon Token on the platform will grant users various benefits like reduced fees and exclusive early access.


Name: Tycoon

Symbol: TYC

Blockchain: ERC-20

Max. supply: 140 million

ICO Price: 0.10 $

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I invested in Tycoon Tokens because .. - The collaboration of the whole team inspired me, you don't see that often in life. - The TARGET of the idea (Tycoon) was unimaginable for me because it is unique.

Ferhat E.

Years ago, I was highly skeptical about cryptocurrencies but the team of tycoon changed my mind. According to their whitepaper, the project will lift copy trading of cryptocurrencies to a completely new level. I am proud to be a part of this huge community and that I had the possibility to buy “some” token within the pre-sale. It is only the beginning…

Thomas K.

For me tycoon.io will become a real gamechanger! It is a secured space where money meets know-how with a strong team in the background! Can't wait for the launch!

Matthias R.

Long time after searching for a project to invest in, I found Tycoon. I liked the idea of copy trading cryptocurrencies where everyone can make profit just by following the right traders. And then there is the team behind tycoon. They are getting work done and working very hard to launch a platform which can be used by everyone. That's why I invested into Tycoon.

Meho E.
Austrian Investor

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