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Copy trading technology

Followers are able to copy strategies from professional traders with little effort.


Traders are ranked based on several metrics being the most important one their performance. Followers can filter through their options and choose the best for them.

Stop-loss protection

Set your own stop-loss to limit the amount of funds you’re willing to risk on each trader you follow.

Trader's Benefits

Professional traders earn from a profit share business model. More followers, more profits.

Simple and Intuitive

Connect your API key and you’re good to go. Tycoon’s platform takes care of the rest.
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All users have the option to operate on the platform anonymously.
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Tycoon's Token

Our token has several use cases inside our platform such as increasing follower’s profit share.

Growth Potential

Tycoon’s token low circulating supply combined with an engaged community bring a unique added value to our project.

We are Tycoon

Connecting professional traders and investors on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tycoon is the global leader in crypto copy trading technology. Followers can measure the performance of professional traders and replicate their strategies with one click. Both traders and followers earn from profit sharing.

Investors and traders benefit from a profit share business model

Funds are never stored on Tycoon and customers always retain control

Transparent performance metrics to judge the best performing traders

Trade, follow, earn.

Our platform is designed to ensure a smooth and friendly experience. Connect your API key and you’re ready to get started

Browse through the best ranked traders, study their profiles and choose the one that suits you best.

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Tycoon Token

The Tycoon Token serves as a form of payment on the Tycoon platform just as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Using the Tycoon Token on the platform will grant users various benefits like reduced fees and exclusive early access.


Name: Tycoon

Symbol: TYC

Blockchain: ERC-20

Max. supply: 140 million

ICO Price: 0.10 $

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I invested in Tycoon Tokens because .. - The collaboration of the whole team inspired me, you don't see that often in life. - The TARGET of the idea (Tycoon) was unimaginable for me because it is unique.

Ferhat E.

Years ago, I was highly skeptical about cryptocurrencies but the team of tycoon changed my mind. According to their whitepaper, the project will lift copy trading of cryptocurrencies to a completely new level. I am proud to be a part of this huge community and that I had the possibility to buy “some” token within the pre-sale. It is only the beginning…

Thomas K.

For me tycoon.io will become a real gamechanger! It is a secured space where money meets know-how with a strong team in the background! Can't wait for the launch!

Matthias R.

Long time after searching for a project to invest in, I found Tycoon. I liked the idea of copy trading cryptocurrencies where everyone can make profit just by following the right traders. And then there is the team behind tycoon. They are getting work done and working very hard to launch a platform which can be used by everyone. That's why I invested into Tycoon.

Meho E.
Austrian Investor

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